Artist and musician composer, among other things, I'm dedicated to the natural and spiritual life, working on the transmission of the development of consciousness and personal growth through Arts.

"For a creator of art, mental cleansing is very important, I would say priority. In this new age is extremely important to be aware of what we want to convey. Artists function should be primarily to embellish, create healing images and healing shapes in order to contribute as much as possible to the development of new spaces and atmospheres directed at the improvement of human development in fusion with the spirit.
In my case and in order to be able to get new ideas, new inspirations, always as high as possible, from the noblest, purest, wisest and why not...more divine, it is necessary first of all, to empty and clean the unconscious mind of preconceived ideas, attachments, identifications with foreign thoughts, obsessions etc."
I advise you not hesitate to make the change...and I invite you to look over your heart and try to find a balance between...Matter and spirit.

Life is movement...
...renewal and exchange, life is a constant learning between colors, light, love, joy, sadness...
Life is in every breath... Make your rhythm is smooth,  and not break it. Do not stop your personal growth because your fears, habits or obsessions. Do not stop your personal evolution drowning your happiness by your attachments to the past.
  If you want to live happily, clean your way… then happiness 
can walk free with you...inside you.        Jeronimo