Musician composer and painter, from a very young age I have dedicated my artistic skills to transmit mainly, a more alternative, natural and conscious life, towards the excessively industrialized and digitalized era we are experiencing. I have worked in various countries of the world in the realization of projects, in the field of Art, in Nature and on physical, mental and spiritual health. I am a guide and collaborator in the meetings that Misericordia Murtra, realizes, on topics for personal development, inner peace and everything related to personal growth and the expansion of Consciousness. As much as I can, I want to give "Light" to wake up the sleeping aspects of the people that life makes me find. I would like to give a push, to all those who want to make interior changes that are important for improving mental, physical and spiritual health.
"For a creator of art, mental cleansing is very important, I would say priority. In this new age is extremely important to be …
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