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Native American Flute

Native American Flute Player
Jeronimo Mouton 
         Jeronimo Mouton  Native American Flute Player     
In addition to the Deiahdehl project and other music compositions, I am pleased to inform you my news as a Flutist.
Since 1998 during my experience in North America’s land, I had the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of Native American flutes. The simplicity and sweetness, the beauty, the eloquence and of course the magical power of the melodies interpreted with these flutes, awoke in me the need to be able to express part of my heart through them; Throughout all these years Native Flutes have been always part of my luggage to the places I have visited or where I have lived. Native Flutes are a fundamental element to create, improvise and finally to compose a work dedicated exclusively to this Wise and ancestral culture, a big feeling that lives ‘into my soul.
In my improvisations and compositions, inspired by this feeling, prevails my identification with the American Indians culture, always in deep connection with nature and the grandiloquent beauty of the landscapes of native America.
What you can hear here, are the excerpts of some pieces that are born of native inspiration, as a part of the music Album work I am preparing, which will include these and many other songs, ideal for those who like to be transported to wonderful landscapes, to contemplate the harmonious movements of a warm bonfire and to relax, to vibrate between melody and rhythm, etc.
THANK YOU in advance for your interest and to support my music also in my facet of flautist. I wish that soon you will enjoy my complete work. BLESSINGS. Jeronimo